Boss Beauties Collaboration

A Night to Remember: Boss Beauties Take Center Stage

On the evening of October 19th, the majestic Paley Center for Media in New York City was aglow with the brilliance of aspiration and accomplishment. Over 50 spectacular women converged, all eager to connect AND dive deep into the transformative journey of Boss Beauties.

Guiding the evening were two remarkable women: Lisa Mayer, the powerhouse founder of Boss Beauties and a devoted member of Her Huddle and Wall Street, and venture investor Deb Bronston—a member of our Executive Board. Deb’s deft fireside interview revealed Lisa’s awe-inspiring tale.
Imagine a bank balance dwindling below a dollar. And then a daring pivot to a Web3 product. The result? Ten thousand Boss Beauties’ digital collectibles were purchased by a rapt and engaged community, generating a staggering $2M in sales in a mere 90 minutes!

Lisa’s tenacity and intelligence shine through every step of her journey. Yet, she never walks alone. She gracefully credits Her Huddle for bolstering her vision, widening her network, and fueling her passion.

Living true to our motto, “We lift as we climb,” Lisa is a beacon of mentorship. Despite her whirlwind successes, she has remained steadfast in her commitment to uplift the next generation. Through her collaboration with Break Through Tech, she paves the way for scores of young women, mentoring them as they navigate the tech world and bridging the gender gap, one intern at a time.

Our evening was enriched by the deep connections forged within intimate group discussions during our GIVE and GET exercise. In a true testament to many women’s generous spirit, we often find it simpler to express what we can offer than to voice our needs or desires. This exploration, however, led to moments both transformative and profound.