September 2017

We had a marvelous time at Her Huddle at Pace on September 28th. Our featured speaker was Bonnie McElveen Hunter, President and CEO of Pace.

WOW! This is the only way we can describe Her Huddle at Pace!

The experience served to expand the breadth and strength of Her Huddle.

Courtney’s introduction to Virtual Reality (VR) was very thought-provoking. It is exciting (and a little scary) to think how technology will literally transform how we interact with our friends, our family members, our employees, and of course our customers.

The “fireside” chat with Bonnie was completely inspirational.¬†Grounded by the strong influence her mother provided and the powerful story of burying the words “I Can’t,” Bonnie’s entrepreneurial spirit, intellect and impassioned focus on giving back are all key to her incredible success.

A big thanks to Gloria and the entire Pace team for hosting the event. Below are some snapshots of our favorite moments.