Another inspirational Her Huddle evening came to a close on June 16th at the beautiful space of ASAPP on the 80th floor of New York’s Freedom Tower. With nearly sixty amazing women in attendance, we learned about the power of vulnerability to build mental fitness from two exceptional speakers, Leslie Maxi and Shelley Till.

Leslie Maxie is a 1988 US Olympian and now a media pioneer who has taken her unconventional life – the stunning successes and the sobering failures – and crafted speeches that delight, evoke thought, and transform audiences worldwide.

Shelley Till is the VP of Business Development for the Pro Football Hall of Fame Health and International Coach Federation ACC Professional Coach. Shelley specializes in mental fitness, coaching former athletes and high achievers to match their performance with their potential. She also brings diverse athletic experiences as a Division 1 basketball player, coach, and parent of two Division 1 athletes.

As usual for Her Huddle evenings, we get off to an inspiring start with our Co-founder Judy Spitz (CEO of Breakthrough Tech) outlining our mission to help women go where they cannot get to on their own. Judy also dives into why trust is important and why we talk so much about it. “We huddle together joined by a common purpose, and we huddle together for the species’ survival.” Treat yourself to her 5 minutes in this clip here. <link>

Our co-founder Martha Delehanty got the Q&A started with her usual warmth and humor:

Some of the most memorable advice from our speakers included:

“There is no success nor failure – only feedback”

“If you want to find happiness, find gratitude”

“We need all seasons in our life to thrive”

“Comparison is the thief of joy”

“When women rise, they rarely rise alone”

“There’s power in pause – seek the stillness in your life

Many of the incredible women in attendance shared powerful stories of resilience and survival and you can see some of them featured here:


If you attended this Her Huddle event, please tell us about your experience in the comments below. We’d love to get your impressions!